5 Ways to Express Yourself with Blinds

Only use blinds to block out the sun? Pssh you need to get your priorities straight; it looks like we need to spark your creative spirit. we’re giving you five solutions to your one-use blind crisis.

1. Wear them

Just when you think you have run out of outlets for your fervent love of blinds, Shisikai Alternative T-Shirts goes and makes a functional t-shirt blind, isn’t that inspiring?

2. Paint on them

Have some spare blinds? Do you also have some spare oil based paints? Well why not emulate Ernest Zacharevic, this street art from the Malaysian State of Penang is made from old shop front blinds.

3. Pimp your ride

Put your self-driving car to the ultimate test; block all light to the inside of your car and breathe a sigh of contentment as your automobile breezes you from A to B rick wall.

4. Self portrait

As you lie in your hospital bed, your love for blinds is not diminished – take a deep and introspective shot of yourself against the shadow of some blinds.

5. Peep hole

This cat displays ingenuity, using his blinds as tactical cover for his continual, calculated war over territory. Try it for yourself!

We hope that you’re sufficiently inspired, but be aware that there is a line to creativity, and this line is crossed in several of these examples.

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