Bedroom Feng Shui Guidelines

Looking to turn your bedroom into a serene and calming sanctuary? Then the art of Feng Shui is probably going to a big help in achieving this. By observing some key principles associated with this ancient Chinese philosophy, you’ll be able to transform your place of rest into a metaphysical idyll in no time.

The Use of Colour
For a space such as a bedroom, you’ll want to use warm colours and earth tones like terra cotta, peach, copper or tan. These will help to create a welcoming, warm and cosy atmosphere. For a more calming and tranquil ambience consider using colours like greens or lavenders to invite a healing energy. Obviously, try to avoid using loud colours as they can prove a bit too stimulating.

Bed Position
Position the bed in away from the door but in a place that allows you to keep an eye on the entrance. Known as the ‘commanding position’ in Feng Shui, this will instil a sense of safety during rest. So if possible, install your bed diagonally across from the door. This will provide a sense of distance and will also keep the bed out of view from the door’s opening which encourages relaxation and better sleep.

Cut the Clutter
Clutter is a big no-no when it comes to Feng Shui, symbolising unfinished business. It is also thought to impede forward progress in life. So get rid of any bric-a-brac you’ve acquired over the years so that chi can flow around the room freely. And don’t put any of your clutter under the bed as this can block the positive flow of energy. What’s more it is said to cause stagnation in life.

Wardrobe Space
The above rules regarding clutter also apply to your wardrobe space. According to Feng Shui experts, clutter behind closed doors can cause feelings of irritation and confusion. Therefore, clearing out your closet space can help instil a sense of control and make you feel a lot more organised.

See the Light
Natural light is essential for the flow of positive energy in any space. However, flexibility and control are also important. So try to bathe your bedroom in as much natural light during the day while encouraging softer light in the evening. For night-time, strive for total darkness to promote better sleep. To achieve this purchase a roller blind that can be easily opened during the day and closed for optimum privacy at night.

What is art?
Feng Shui advocates recommend choosing art that depicts positive things that you’d like to see manifest themselves in your life. Objects that instil a sense of joy or inspiration are highly recommended. However family photos are not as they can take the focus away from you and your partner.

Pressures from above
Try not to position your bed under a ceiling fan or beam. Features such as these are thought to contain negative energy which pushes down on you during sleep. If this is unavoidable, use a bed canopy or hang lengths of fabric from the ceiling.

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