Creative ways to Completely Transform Your Walls

The way a room’s walls are decorated can have a huge impact on its mood and aesthetic. As a result, its often tempting to rely on tried and trusted methods when redecorating such as putting up new wallpaper or making use of unadventurous colour schemes. However, there are a number of, shall we say, unconventional approaches that can help transform the walls of any space while at the same time imbuing a sense of quirky creativity. Here are a few examples.

String Art
String art involves wrapping coloured thread or embroidery floss around pins to form patterns. It’s a relatively simple, cost-effective method that can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Paper or stencil transfers are the most commonly used tools and can be easily applied to any surface. (If you’re looking for a cheaper solution, stick with paper transfers).  The materials used for string art can be picked up from most craft shops

Wall Decals
Think of wall decals as posh stickers. Although they differ considerably, the principle is still basically the same. Made from vinyl, wall decals usually consist of an application layer, a backing layer and the actual wall decal. Wall adhesion is relatively straightforward although it’s usually a good idea to wait around two weeks or so before applying to freshly painted walls. There’s a multitude of designs available from home decor and craft outlets to suit all kinds of themes.

Split Canvas Prints
This is becoming an increasingly popular method for decorating walls. In most cases, a pre-selected print is mounted across a number of box canvas frames. This technique really brings the best out of an image providing a flowing, 3D effect which isn’t really possible within the constraints of a standard wooden frame. With the advent of canvas stores and photo printing websites, the process is also relatively inexpensive with many sites offering easy customisation.

CD Cases
Like most of the UK population you’ve probably got numerous empty CD cases lying around. Think of this as a bonus rather than a mild annoyance as CD cases are actually pretty versatile household items. This is particularly true with regards to wall decor where they can prove very useful as photo frames or containers for art, prints or pictures. Because they’re light in construction, wall adhesion is simple and risk free (no nails required). The art or prints contained within can also be changed easily.

Painters Tape
Although this might only be suitable for the more courageous decorators, painters tape can actually transform a living space for the good. They can be very useful at creating random wall patterns and have the potential to change a room’s character at a stroke. It’s obviously worth seeking out colours that suit existing decor and with regards to application, installation on small wall surfaces is probably more advisable (you probably don’t want your patterns to become overbearing). Nevertheless, painters tape offers a cost-effective means of decorating your walls.

[Photo by: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License: CC-BY 2.0]

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