Decorating your home office

Working at home is becoming increasingly prevalent these days. So it makes sense to create a favourable environment which combines productivity, practicality and comfort. With this in mind, we offer a few ideas that should help you to make a home-working space that encourages good working habits and helps you to maintain good organisation.

The Right Furniture
The type of furniture you use will have a direct impact on things like productivity and comfort. Therefore, it’s a good idea to install good quality, ergonomic furniture that will stand the test of time and which won’t break your back. If you have a large workstation, an office chair with wheels will be much more helpful in allowing you to move about more easily without getting up.

Pale colour schemes featuring beige-like tones offer a distraction-free environment in which to ply one’s trade. So if stimulation isn’t a strong requirement then it’s probably a good idea to opt for this kind of palette. However, if you’re role is creative, consider using more imaginative, vibrant colours. Much will depend on the kind of work you do. Do you need to be inspired and energised or is uninterrupted concentration paramount to your business?  In terms of furniture colour, similar rules apply. Therefore, if you don’t have much space, cream or white furniture pieces can do a great job in making your home office look more spacious than it actually is.

While storage isn’t necessarily a decorative consideration, it can still have a big impact on your work space’s look and feel – no matter how well a space is decorated, a build-up of clutter is going to be detrimental to functionality and appearance. To guard against this, take full advantage of both horizontal and vertical storage so that desks and work surfaces remain clear. File folders can prove useful in this regard as well as desktop baskets for excessive paperwork.

Natural Light
Lighting can have a major impact on a room’s appearance. So if your home office has a window, take full advantage of the natural light. This will help to regulate mood and improve your well-being.  However, to prevent excessive light (the type that causes glare on computer screens) invest in some window blinds so that you’re better able to control the degree of natural light that shines on you workspace.

Artificial Light
Adjustable lighting offers a great deal of flexibility, allowing for precise light control to suit a variety of purposes. And if you work late, the glare of main lighting might prove rather tiring after a while. So it may be worth investing in a desktop lamp which provides softer lighting, while properly illuminating your workspace.

Try to aim for casual elegance when decorating your workspace. Add a few personalised items here and there to remind yourself that you’re actually at home instead of at the office. Paintings and inspirational wall prints can also provide inspiration or alternatively a degree of relaxation when required.

[Photo by: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License: CC-BY 2.0]

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