Glass Building Revolution: Making Blinds Important

Glass buildings are sprouting up everywhere in London. Indeed, it seems that glass has become an integral inclusion in all urban development these days. Buildings such as the Gherkin which dominate central London’s skyline epitomise this current trend as does the Battersea Power Station Redevelopment, with its endless array of glass windows.

But all of this glass means that companies are scampering to find suitable window dressings to add shade to their computer screens and protect their privacy. As the switchable glass revolution is still in its infancy, it seems that blinds as well as other window-coverings are going to remain in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Window blinds offer numerous advantages in comparison to other types of coverings. To begin with, they afford a great deal of control over the amount of sunlight which enters a room.In built-up areas such as London, the urban glow emitted after daylight hours can be rather intrusive. So certain window blinds, especially those with slats placed close together can help to achieve a total blackout. During daytime, this can prove very useful, particularly in corporate land where PowerPoint presentations are one of the most common communicative tools. When it’s dark, they can also prevent artificial and natural light from clashing.

Blinds also add a strong level of privacy, particularly some of the latest versions from companies like Silent Gliss and Lutron. For instance, products such as the top-down shade add a degree of flexibility when it comes to both light control and privacy by allowing the user to increase or decrease the shade towards the top of the window while maintaining privacy at eye-level. This can prove particularly useful in a city like London which seems to becoming more vertical by the day, which of course adds all kinds of different vantage points for prying eyes.

In addition, the sheer variety of window blinds means that it’s exceptionally easy to find something that fits in with a room’s existing decorative theme – there are endless styles, colours and patterns to choose from. These days, blinds are available in faux wood, aluminium and even bamboo, so classical, contemporary and modern themes are well-catered for. Moreover, some of these materials are far cheaper than others which mean a wider price range for the consumer. So it’s perfectly possible to buy a solid, durable product without spending too much money.

Finally, window blinds are easy to maintain. Other window dressings such as curtains need to be taken down and in some cases cleaned by specialist companies before being re-hung. In addition to the costs involved, the whole process can become rather convoluted. Window blinds, however, usually require a wipe-down with a damp cloth every now and then. They don’t need to be taken down and any stains which have accumulated can usually be removed with ease. So it’s pretty evident, that blinds are the go-to window covering, particularly in densely populated urban areas such as London.

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