How to choose blinds for children’s rooms

Choosing the right window blinds for a child’s room is of paramount importance with safety and well-being, the most important considerations. Preserving your sanity is also rather important so finding a window-dressing product that is actually appealing to the youngster is probably a good idea. That way they’ll want to spend more time playing in their rooms instead of tearing around the kitchen. With these points in mind, here are a few tips you may want to take into account before making a purchase.

Cordless Considerations
Some window blinds can prove rather hazardous for children, particularly those with cords. So consider purchasing a cordless version. If you’re unable to find one that’s suitable be sure to tie up any string or cords so that they are well out of reach. Certain window blind products have a chain-break connector mechanism which breaks if put under too much strain so shop around.

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Beadless Blinds
Don’t use blinds that feature beads or other such decorative embellishments. These can easily come loose, or be pulled off by a toddler, thereby causing a choking hazard. Instead look for products which include fun and colourful prints and textures. Ornate decoration isn’t really necessary when it comes to pleasing a child’s eye. Simple is often the best way to go.

Sleeping Well 
Lots of kids get up at the crack of dawn, which can prove pretty draining on weary parents. To ensure that both you and your offspring get a good night’s sleep consider investing in an effective blackout blind. They can prove extremely useful in blocking out those bright shards of early-morning light, particularly during the summer months. Blackout blinds don’t have to be dull either – there all kinds of styles and colours to choose from.

Floor-length Avoidance
Try to avoid using floor-length window dressings. Due to the dimensions, they’re going to be far more accessible to children which not only has safety implications but also means that your youngster will be able to get his hands on them. So remove any temptation and install a window blind that is short and well out of reach.

Use a Valance
If you’re looking to bring the best out of your window blinds, consider using a valance. It can add colour and texture which has the potential to soften the overall appearance of the window blind.

Cool Window Dressings
To prevent your child from getting hot and bothered during the day you might want to install a heat-reflecting, UV-blocking window treatment. This can shield your child during afternoon naps, allowing for a cooler and more comfortable room in which he/she can snooze.

Safe Installation
Purchase a window blind that fits the window recess properly and take care to ensure correct installation by following the guide that comes with the product. Unstable fittings can prove dangerous, particularly for curious children. You might however want to rely on a professional to do the installation which will allow for peace of mind.

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