How to give your living room a face lift

The latest in our facelift series focuses on the living room, one of the busiest rooms in the house. Here are our tips on how to re-imagine one of the most important domestic spaces.

Wall Treatments with a difference
‘Thinking outside the box’ is a phrase which seems to be bandied about quite a bit these days. So try to use it in your redecorating plans. For instance, have you ever thought of using ceiling medallions as a wall treatment? These often beautifully decorated features often go unnoticed due to their neck-wrenching position around light fixtures. It makes sense then, to install them where they’ll be seen. They can be installed easily with the use of adhesive caulk and are inexpensive.

Wood Flooring
If you have wood flooring lurking beneath your well-trodden carpet then why not take full advantage and lose the old rag? Wood floors, when cared for and presented properly, can offer a restrained but pleasing base which can help to showcase a room’s decor without being distracting. This particular approach can have a profound visual effect on a living space.

New Carpets
If you’re not blessed with wooden floors, a new carpet can make the world of difference with any decorative theme. Plush and tufted carpets are often excellent choices for spaces such as living rooms where cosiness and extra comfort are important considerations.  Despite the expense involved in the purchase and installation of a new carpet, you’ll be investing in something which should last for years.

Making space can have a big impact on the look and feel of a living room, especially considering the amount of clutter that tends to gather there. So items such as tiered and nested tables can be extremely useful in freeing up space and giving a living room a whole new lease of life. Window seats are also handy in this regard and are able to offer extra storage as well as a cosy nook from which to enjoy the outdoors.

A White Foundation
The use of white in any redecoration project allows for a strong degree of flexibility in terms of theme and style. Think of it as a blank canvas, upon which you can add pretty much any kind of design or colour. For many, white is a good starting point which offers a multitude of aesthetic possibilities. It’s also an excellent way of making a room feel light and airy.

Rugs and floor treatments
For spacious living rooms, the addition of rugs and other floor treatments can help subdivide the room into smaller, intimate zones. Similar methods are often used in commercial office designs but there’s no reason why they can’t be used in domestic spaces.  Large living rooms can really benefit from this technique because in many cases, they lack a sense of cosiness or intimacy. But with the use of subtle partitioning such as this, you’ll be turning your living room into a far more relaxing and soothing space.

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