How to maximise space in your bedroom

There are plenty of ways to maximise space in your bedroom. Many of these practices apply to every room in the house and can prove very effective at freeing up much-needed space. Here are a few of them.

For spatially challenged living spaces, it’s essential to use furniture which has storage capabilities. For instance, choose a nightstand which has drawers. Although this may seem something of a no-brainer, many people succumb to temptation and invest in stylish minimalistic nightstands which unfortunately offer very little in terms of practicality due to the absence of drawers!

Beds with drawers
Try to choose a bed with drawers or one which at least has space underneath. Due the floor area that beds cover, there’s usually plenty of space to take advantage of so there’s a real opportunity to properly de-clutter your bedroom. The larger the bed, the more storage space you’ll have.

Use a smaller bed
Conversely, you might want to consider installing a smaller bed. Although your amount of storage space is going to be less, you’ll have more room to move about. It’s a kind of trade-off between storage and living space so decide what matters the most. Remember, that you can always take advantage of other rooms in your house for storage purposes.

De-cluttering your bedroom space can have a big impact on how you live. The less bric-a-brac in your bedroom, the more space you’ll have to play with so try to be as ruthless as possible when it comes to de-cluttering, especially with things like ornaments, which although they look nice, have the potential to take over surfaces which could be used for more practical purposes.

Multifunctional Furniture
Seek out furniture which has multiple purposes. If you have small bedroom then a futon is often an effective option because of its dual role as a bed and sofa. In its latter configuration, a futon will create lots of extra space. Alternatively, consider investing in a Murphy bed – these can be closed inside a wall recess when not in use and are amazingly effective at making room. Some even include a fold-out desk on the other side, when the bed is closed away.

Reorganise wardrobes
If you have clothes draped over your bedroom furniture then it is perhaps a good idea to re-organise your wardrobe space. Remove out-of-season items or clothes that you would no longer be seen dead in so that you can make space for other garments. The more you can store in your wardrobe, the more space will be available in the main bedroom area.

Open and closed shelving are an excellent option for storing things like books, which often tend to pile up on bedside tables. Fixed shelves are often the best way to go as they don’t take up any floor space and can be altered according to your bedroom configuration. They can also be extended to the ceiling if required.

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