How to pick the right type of shading for your room or office

Before purchasing blinds for your office or home it’s necessary to decide what purpose that room has and how the window-dressing will help to enhance the space. So there are a number of points which need to be considered before making a purchase. Here’s a brief guide on some of the things to take into account.

Purpose of the Blinds

The first thing to consider is what you actually want the blinds for. Are they to allow light in or to block it out? For example, office spaces used for presentations will benefit from blackout blinds or window dressings that prevent the sun from getting in the way of presentational aids such as overhead projectors or whiteboards. However, if you’re looking to prevent the sunlight from spreading across computer screens, a blackout blind isn’t going to do much for team morale. In these cases, adjustable venetian blinds are often a better option because they allow a certain amount of sunlight in.

Practicality and Privacy

Privacy is more of a domestic consideration. Say for example, you have a ground-floor bedroom. You’ll definitely want to maintain some sort of privacy -fabric roller blinds, particularly top-down versions can be prove rather effective. They can be easily adjusted and are very useful at protecting one of the most personal rooms of the house from curious glances.  In addition, many versions, especially those with lighter colours, encourage natural light even when they’re down.
Different rooms also have different requirements. A bathroom for example is going to need a window-dressing that offers privacy and is resistant to moisture accumulation. Durability is going to be a factor too – it might be safe to buy a cheaper window dressing for say, a meeting room which is only occasionally used. However, this approach is not advisable for window-dressings used in busy, high-traffic spaces, especially those with large windows. They’ll likely be used constantly by employees to adjust light-levels so the installation of durable, long-lasting blinds is of paramount importance.

Matching existing Furnishings or Themes

The decorative impact of window-dressings such as blinds is often overlooked during decoration projects. In fact blinds and shades can dramatically change the whole look and feel of a living or workspace. However, if the window-dressing doesn’t match the existing décor, it’s going to seem rather out of place. So be sure to choose a product that compliments a space’s design elements. For instance, a metallic venetian blind is not going to add anything to a room which uses warm, soothing colours. These kinds of window-dressings are better suited for working environments and functional spaces. Conversely, a roller blind emblazoned with illustrated zoo animals is going to raise a few eyebrows at the monthly general meeting of branch managers! Therefore, think very carefully about the room décor first.
The above points are intended to help you find the most suitable shading for your work and home spaces. It’s worth remembering that shading can have a big impact on a room’s functionality so choose carefully!

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