Installing window blinds – a how to guide

Blinds are one of the most popular window dressings on the market and can dramatically change a room’s appearance. They offer a convenient way of adjusting the amount of light entering a living space and are relatively easy to set-up. Here’s a quick guide on how best to install them.

Before you even purchase any blinds you’ll need to take measurements of the window’s dimensions. This is fully explained in another post. Be sure that your blinds match up perfectly to the measurements you’ve taken otherwise you’re going to have a few problems when installation time comes!

Once you’ve chosen the most suitable blinds for your living space and have them laid out in front of you, check that all the parts and accessories have been included. Next, take a pencil and mark out the mounting points so that you’ll be able to place your brackets accurately.

If you’re planning to install for an outside mount, hold the blind in such a way that the head rail is perfectly centred and level with the window’s vertical frames. Use a pencil to mark directly underneath the head rail on each side of the frames. For inside mounts, place the head rail inside the window frames and again make sure to keep it level. As before, make pencil marks below the head rail on each side.

You should now be ready to attach the brackets. Place the brackets inside (not over) the pencil marks. If they feature bracket doors open them before placement. These kinds of brackets have two open sides so one should face the window and the other should face you. The door itself must face the room’s interior.

Next, make your drilling marks for the pilot holes – these should be diagonal so that the installation is stronger. If you’re drilling into wood it’s a good idea to use a drill bit to make a hole which is slightly smaller than the screw you will be using for the bracket – a 1/16 inch diameter drill bit is probably the best way to go.

Most blinds feature clips which are used for securing the head rail and fixing a valance in place for decorative purposes. These should be snapped over the front of the head rail before it’s placed between the brackets.

After the brackets have been securely installed make sure that the doors are open and insert the head rail into each bracket. Once in place, close the bracket doors and attach the valance. Finally, add the adjustment accessories. Although some blind products come with pre-attached adjustors, there are many which require installation. If your blinds include a wand for opening and closing, it’s just a case of pushing the sleeve of the hook upwards and inserting the end of the wand in the hook before sliding the plastic covering down.

So that’s a basic run-down on how to install window blinds. While this should provide you with some valuable pointers, it is always good practice to follow any user guide provided by the letter.

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