Keeping your children safe around corded blinds and curtains

Unfortunately, official statistics show that 29 children have been strangled to death by blind and curtain operation cords since 2009. That is a truly shocking statistic.

This has led to new legislation going through Parliament, believed to be published in November. Although the full details are not published yet. It is believed the legislation will force all manufacturers to make any corded attached to a blind or track detach under certain weights.

Silent Gliss have acted fast and decisively. They are not waiting for the new legislation, they are in fact the first manufacturer to launch a device that is integral to the blind or curtain track. This safety device has the potential to prevent a needless loss of life.

How does it work?

The device is factory fitted to your blind or curtain so you have confidence the device has been fitted and tested by experts. If a weight of 6kg or more is applied to the cord, it instantly detaches from the system.

What blinds and tracks use it?

There are 4 different versions, applicable over 9 Silent Gliss systems, with more to be released in the future:

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