Kitchen Windowsill Décor Ideas for Spring Time


As one of the most functional rooms in the house, when it comes to decorating a kitchen, practicality should be a big consideration. That’s not to say that your kitchen need be the embodiment of minimalistic understatement. Because there are in fact plenty of decorative touches that can help to bring life to such an important living space without compromising existing themes. Take the kitchen windowsill for example. It’s a tricky area to decorate, given its often awkward location behind the sink, but when it’s done right, the results can transform a kitchen’s character for the better. Here are a few ideas to set you on your way.

Potted-Plant Life
Spring represents new life and renewal. So try to bring the outdoors in with a few potted plants. They’re a great way of adding a splash of colour to most any decorative theme. Plant species such as the Madagasca Jasmine are particularly well-suited to kitchen areas (provided you have the space) and consist of glossy, vine-like dark green leaves which cover themselves in aromatic musk-scented flowers during the Spring.

For smaller windowsills, the African Spear is perhaps more suitable. It takes up less space and is tolerant of very low-light conditions, should your kitchen area be gloomier than other areas of the house. However, for a truly spring-like ambience, it’s a bit of a no-brainer to go for flowering plants – they’ll brighten up your kitchen and bring some cheer during those spring showers.

Candles can be a great way of altering the look and feel of most any space. And during the transitional phase between winter and summer, when days can become rather grey and dusk falls during late afternoon, candlelight can add a sense of cosiness without being too overbearing and wintery.

Windowsill Herb Gardens
In keeping with the themes of Spring-time and gastronomy, we think that herb garden planters have the potential to dramatically improve your kitchen windowsill, especially during springtime. Sets are easy to come-by both online and from garden-centres with a rich variety of herbs to choose from including chives, parsley and basil. They lend a rustic, outdoorsy ambience as well as a sense of fun and are relatively inexpensive.

Cookery Books
Windowsill areas are also a good way of showing off one’s culinary abilities.  So if you’ve got a collection of cookery books, use your window-sill has a bookshelf to illustrate just how knowledgeable and worldly you are when it comes to preparing meals.

Hopefully these tips will help you to bring the best out of your kitchen windowsill space. How you go about decorating it will of course depend on the space available as well as the kind of window dressing you’ve opted for. So before cramming your window sill with random objets d’art and herbal planters be sure that said decorative additions won’t hinder your ability to control the flow of natural light which enters your kitchen space.

[Photo by: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License: CC-BY-SA 2.0]

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