New range of Silent Gliss curtain poles

After years of continued success, Silent Gliss are pleased to present the new look range of Metropole Decorative Curtain Poles.

Since its launch, Metropole has challenged the assumption that curtain tracks cannot be decorative. By combining the appearance of a decorative curtain pole with the superior functionality of its curtain tracks, Silent Gliss have allowed windows to have a designer appearance complete with a smooth gliding operation.

To ensure the continued support for the already well established range of designer curtain tracks there have been major changes to the Metropole offer.

New Finials

Firstly to simplify the selection process the finials, midials and holdbacks are now presented in ranges instead of the previous moods. Added to this there are 4 new ranges.


Clear crystal glass is combined with coloured centres in black, brown or emerald green in a modern square shape. The end effect is stunning clarity and colour. They are available for both 30mm and 23mm poles in all finishes (except wood effect).


Modern geometric shapes with a sharp design engraved out of the base metal. For 30mm poles only they are produced In a dark brown base shaped as a cylinder or cube, ideal for contemporary room designs.


Fluted glass with coloured centres in red, black, cream or clear. Available for both 23mm and 30mm poles, the metal base of the finial is matched to the pole finish. The end effect is a classical and elegant look.


Strata offers a real opportunity design the look of your own curtain pole in 3 easy steps:

Pole finishes

In order to constantly offer choice for all our customers we have replaced two of the pole finishes with new colours. Wood effects teak and cherry wood have been replaced with:

Steel grey

For a contemporary feel, this metal effect pole is stunning. Eye catching shimmering colour, bright but with warm smoked grey hues.

Textured bronze

Offering a slightly more classical look, textured bronze has hints of deep red to give a rich colour. The textured painting process gives an added feel to the pole.

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