Silent Gliss 2320 & 2330 Roman blinds

The Silent Gliss systems 2320 and 2330 (manually operated) are remarkably elegant Roman blind systems with precision mechanisms concealed in a discreet and unobtrusive profile.

Silent Gliss has developed a unique cord release mechanism that allows detaching and re-fixing of cords within seconds. Furthermore, cords do not need to be separated from the fabric for cleaning as the cord release pins guarantee that cords stay in place during the cleaning process.

The new mechanism and the reliable Velcro tape make the maintenance of this Roman blind system as effortless as never before and with the new wind-up technique the cord will never get entangled.

Side guides for stabilizing and sloping applications are also available with this Roman blind systems. For smooth operation all systems with fabrics above 2.5kg weight are equipped with the 4:1 gear (2330).

Silent Gliss offers a wide selection of textures, colours and patterns. Customers may also select their own fabric with the systems.

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