Silent Gliss 5090 Autoglide

Following many years of proven success in the domestic electric curtain track market with Autoglide, Silent Gliss are pleased to launch their new System 5090. Replacing systems 5070, 5080 and 5080AR, System 5090 offers all the expected benefits of the old systems.

Ease of Use: Simple opening and closing of curtains by either operating a wall switch or remote control handset. Whatever the reason, physical restrictions or just a touch of luxury, the ability to operate curtains electronically at an affordable price level is what has made Autoglide so successful over the years.

Security and Peace of Mind: When away from home the curtains can be left to open and close without the need for human intervention! Either by using the light sensor which operates with the rising and setting of the sun or by using the pre-programmable timer unit, curtains can continue to open and close even when the occupier is away from home. An excellent deterrent to intruders!

However, building on the success of the previous Autoglide systems the new Silent Gliss 5090 offers three important new customer benefits.

  1. Silent Gliss 5090 Autoglide can be bent!
    The new profile can now be bent for bay window or other curved applications to a minimum radius of 250mm with a maximum of either 2 bends or one continuous curve.
  2. Silent Gliss 5090 Autoglide can be used with the Wave Curtain Heading System
    Due the phenomenal success of this contemporary curtain heading system, the new 5090 profile has been especially designed to accommodate the unique Wave glider-cord.
  3. There are now 4 purchasing options to give maximum customer choice.
    1. Silent Gliss 5090: Fixed Wall Switch
    2. Silent Gliss 5090IR: with Remote Control
    3. Silent Gliss 5090TL: with Timer Unit and Light Sensor
    4. Silent Gliss 5090TC: with Remote Control, Timer Unit and Light Sensor.

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