The Ultimate 2016 Interior Colour Trends

With regards to interior colour trends in 2016, stimulation seems to be the buzzword. A need for exaggerated senses of sight, sound, smell and touch to counteract the banality of our brave new digital world has resulted in the liberal use of colour, hues and patterns. You could say that it’s a natural reaction to what one designer has dubbed a ‘design-savvy’ but ‘sensory-deprived society’. This is true for both commercial and domestic interiors.

Sharp Contrasts
The use of gaudy colours blended with darker tones and glossy surfaces is increasingly popular in domestic settings. While moodier colours tend to create a false notion of depth, the inclusion of brighter colours adds a sense of adventure intended to stimulate the senses – perhaps a metaphor for the digital age? The ‘playful’ interaction of colour, texture and patterns is clearly the intention these days.

Colourful Trimmings
Despite a stampede towards loud and brash colouring, traditional shades are still in. It seems that beige and gold shades are still acceptable combinations, especially in domestic spaces provided ‘adventurous’ colours are included. So for example, horizontal borders with strong colours placed at the top or bottom of walls are becoming rather common in spatially-challenged rooms, lending a wider more expansive feel.

Blurring Colour
Believe it or not, subtlety is still prevalent in interior design. Behind the use of bright colours are often quiet, smooth combinations of natural colours such as natural greens and blues which provide a solid base for the inclusion of more adventurous accents such as orange and turquoise.

The Colour Purple
Purple as well as colours such as lilac are also proving popular this year and will continue to be prevalent throughout 2016. They add a level of sophistication and warmth and can be easily paired with cooler tones such as grey and blue. Combinations like these can be both elegant and engaging.

Metallic colours are still in, especially for the home. However, this year’s take on metallic decor involves the use of Cherished Gold which is itself an update on Copper Blush. It provides warmth and subtlety, working well with fresh pastels as well as rich jewel tones.

Direct Typography
The use of motifs and sayings intended to inspire and stimulate have long been popular, especially in commercial environments. However, they have traditionally been restricted to posters and other wall-hangings – this is not the case anymore. Most designers have now taken to printing directly on walls and other surfaces such as glass. But to ensure maximum impact, a palette ranging from graphite grey to ink blue is often used. This will become more prominent in 2016.

Bringing the word inside
Hues such as greens and browns are already used in combination with more industrial, metallic tones. For instance, the weather-beaten-meets-industrially-polished look is particularly popular in London offices, especially those with a media-bent. Expect this to remain popular for the rest of the year.

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