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We have many options when it comes to Aluminium Venetian Blinds.

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Venetian blinds are an effective solution for almost all types of working and living environment, being both discreet and easily adjustable. The Silent Gliss range which Blindtrack are able to supply and install is noted for its contemporary look and wide ranging set of styles. Venetian blinds give you ultimate control of the light levels of a room and you can have a total blackout if you want of even just a slight darkening. They really are versatile in the truest sense.

Venetian Blinds

Silent Gliss Venetian blinds are elegant and flexible and remain the most versatile and unobtrusive window decoration.

Light and glare can be perfectly balanced through tilting the slats. Optimal light management is possible through Silent Gliss special punching method.

Hand operated or motorised, the wide range of Silent Gliss Venetian blinds is available in aluminium or wood, with different slat sizes and styles including perforated.

Silent Gliss’ Venetian collection offers almost unlimited colour options that meet individual taste and highest quality expectations.

Why Choose Silent Gliss Venetian Blinds?

  • With Venetian Blinds you have the ultimate control over light and glare. Minute adjustments as the day goes on enable you to have maximum light and visibility without discomfort.
  • The look is undeniably contemporary, especially the narrower slats.
  • Choose from aluminium or wood slats, a wide range of colours is available in both.
  • Wood is available with wide coordinating or contrasting tapes or more discreet cords.
  • For domestic or commercial use.

The Range

There are six basic systems:  four manual and two motorised. Small, medium and large – up to 10m, 3m wide by 3.6m drop. Aluminium slats are available in 15mm, 25mm or 50mm and include perforated slats in 25mm. Wood slats are available in 25mm or 50mm widths. Side guiding possible with limitations.

Operating Methods

Manual mono – control with cord, chain or control wand. Electric operation with fixed switch or remote control, offering endless possibilities for individual or multiple operations of Venetian blinds.

Our Slat Range

Nearly seventy colours in 25mm aluminium slats, many also in 15mm. five colours in 50mm aluminium slats. Five colours in perforated 25mm aluminum slats. eighteen colours in wood – 25mm and 50mm slats.

Special Features

The 8100PC privacy blind: slats are specially punched with cord holes to the rear so that no direct light comes through the blind when closed – popular for use with computers. Our 8000 system features a unique braking system which stops if ever an obstruction is encountered.