Below you will find all of the awnings that we hold. We offer a whole range, including pergolas and electrically operated.

If you appreciate being outside as much as possible enjoying your patio, terrace or garden with family or friends, or simply as your own space, then a fully retractable fabric awning is a great addition to help control the sun, shade and rainfall.

See the brands that we offer below, which are marked with our useful pricing indicators from the lowest cost £ to the highest £££.

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Create your perfect outdoor living space with any of our retractable awnings and take control of the very diverse weather we have to deal with in the UK.

Our range of awnings includes:

  • Patio awnings
  • Vertical awnings
  • Conservatory awnings
  • Open space awnings


Beautifully designed & Weatherproof

Not only our shading systems look incredible, they’re also sleek, seamless and minimalistic.

Their smooth extension and retraction, compact design means that your awning can be neatly tucked away when not in use thus making the most of your valuable space. Combine this with our range of vibrant and versatile fabrics and upgrade your building’s exterior design.

Our special process technology makes the fabric shape-retentive and easy to care for. It’s completely weatherproof, and resistant to water, dirt, grease and oil. This allows it to retain its incredible shape and vibrancy for you to enjoy all year round.


All year round protection for your home

No matter what season, opening up your outdoor space is possible with our awning solution. Whether it’s in the warmer months to keep you cool and comfortably shaded or during winter with our powerful infrared instant heating units.

All our fabrics are completely weatherproof and resistant to water, dirt and grease so your awning will look stunning all year round. These features allow you to focus on your home, while you get to enjoy your upgraded outdoor space.


Extend your outdoor space to extend your customer base

Explore how making a small change to the design of your outdoor area can transform your business inside and out. Not only will your exterior look amazing, you could also see an increase in revenue and a share of the rising alfresco market with an extension of your useable space. Looking for an increase in restaurant covers or a comfortable display for your products, an awning has you covered. Personalise your awnings by printing your choice of branding or design.


Giving back to nature

Just as we like to take inspiration from nature, we give back to the environment by ensuring all our shading systems and accessories are as energy efficient as possible. Not only does this help to reduce your energy bills, but also helps to preserve our planet. All of our products emit zero harmful carbon emissions and provide effective alternatives to other gas-fuelled options.

Our lighting and heating accessories use a small amount of energy but are incredibly powerful. Our heaters have been meticulously designed to have no ‘heating-up’ period, providing immediate warmth.