Shutters are more than simply a window covering; they also work well for wardrobes, patio doors, and room dividers, allowing you to make the most of both space and light.

Scraft shutters are available for purchase and installation.

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Whether you go with wooden shutters or uPVC equivalents, you’ll be getting a great window treatment that will add beauty and elegance to your home. Shutter blinds, on the other hand, provide both functionality and charm. Simply position the slats to filter outside light to your desired level while maintaining privacy.


Full Height Shutters

You can pick between a visible tilt rod, which gives your shutter a classic design, and a hidden tilt rod, which gives your shutter a basic, slimmer look.

Adding a mid-rail allows you to tilt separate sections of the shutter, allowing you to manipulate the light and get the desired levels.

Tier-On-Tier Shutters

They have the same look and feel as full-height plantation shutters, but they have two separate panels, one on top of the other, that operate separately. When the top panels are opened, they resemble café style shutters, while when closed, they resemble full height.

Bay Window Shutters

You can make your bay windows a dramatic, stunning feature while also gaining more room. Shutters are a low-maintenance alternative to curtains, which take up room and collect dust, and are fitted directly to your window frames, freeing up space and transforming each bay in your home into a treasured style statement. You also have complete control over light levels and privacy.

Cafe Style Shutters

Consider a solution that lets light in through the upper part of your window while making a design statement on the bottom. Café-style shutters are not only a lovely show of taste and flair, but they’re also a sensible and practical method to keep unwanted attention off the sidewalk.

Wardrobe Door

Imagine transforming a plain closet into a stunning design feature with shutters that are as appealing as they are functional… You can have fold-out doors or install a sophisticated track system that allows you to slide your doors partially or fully open without sacrificing room.

Your shutters may be manufactured to fit any wardrobe and painted to match any high-street paint, giving the impression that they’ve always been there. Best of all, you can ventilate your garments while keeping the doors closed by opening the louvres.


Consider gazing up at the stars via a skylight with handcrafted, made-to-measure shutters… During the day, simply close them to block out unwelcome brightness or keep your home a little cooler, and you’ll have an equally gorgeous style feature staring back at you. Skylights brighten any room and allow you to bring light to more difficult-to-access regions, such as slanting roof spaces.


Our shutters can give your conservatory an instant facelift, regardless of its size or design. Conservatory usage can be influenced by changing weather, which are traditionally cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Our shutters truly shine in this situation since they allow you to keep the view while controlling the light and heat. With beautiful shutters, you can reclaim control of your conservatory and enjoy it all year.


Track shutters are available in two different styles, depending on your requirements. To begin, there’s an inventive by-pass mechanism that lets each panel glide past the other on smooth-running rails, making it ideal for wardrobes or room dividers. Second, a clever bi-fold system that simply folds against an adjacent wall when not in use.

Special Shapes

Whatever the shape – round, square, triangular, or oval – you can enjoy a superior, made-to-measure shutter system that precisely fits both the space and your sense of style.

Solid Panels

They are made of solid genuine oak panels rather than tilting louvres, so you can choose to have them fully open to let the light in or totally closed to keep it out.

French Door

Window forms and sizes are becoming common in homes; these distinctive features can lend charm to any wall, roof, or ceiling. You can enjoy a superior, made-to-measure shutter system that precisely fits both the space and your sense of style whatever the shape you have.