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Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks

Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks

Blindtrack are proud suppliers and installers of the Silent Gliss hand drawn curtain tracks range. These types of track couldn’t be simpler to use and they are extremely discreet. As hand drawn curtain tracks are very simple in design, they are also very reliable and problems virtually never crop up. Our team have installed thousands of them across the UK in both residential settings and corporate office blocks.    






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Hi Lynne, my 1011 track arrived yesterday and was simple to install. Thank you.

Christina Mescher
Just a quick email to say thanks for the help you gave me choosing the corrcect product.

Matthew Gloss

Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks

Silent Gliss curtain tracks are naturally elegant and leave a pure impression of fabric. Their great versatility lies in unlimited fabric, pattern and colour options.

Smooth, reliable and nearly soundless operation are the hallmarks of Silent Gliss curtain tracks. They cover all curtain weight requirements from the lightest sheers to stage curtaining. Most of the tracks can be bent to almost any shape or contour.

Why Choose Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks?

  • Curtains allow you to express the style of your choice - either contemporary or traditional.
  • Hand drawn curtain tracks are the most economical and simple to use.
  • Unobtrusive and elegant.
  • Efficient, smooth and quiet operation.
  • Extremely long lasting and maintenance free.
  • Silent Gliss has the widest range available to match your exact requirements.
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

The Range

The widest range in the market to suit all general or specialist applications. It offers discreet profiles for lightweight curtains in boats or caravansthrough to heavy duty systems for very heavy lined curtains. There is a choice of wall or ceiling fixing or recessed into wood. Special safety track is available for situations where it is necessary to limit the scope for self - harm. A special feature is the picture hanging system. All most all profiles can be bent and many are available with colour options: in addition to silver and white, gold, bronze, black, chrome effect, brushed aluminium, gunmetal, wood effects and other colours are available on certain systems.


The beauty of curtain tracks is that you can choose from virtually any soft furnishing fabric available worldwide. Silent Gliss also offer beautiful fabric ranges for the home which we can make up for you:

  • The Signé 2 Collection offers a wide range of luxurious warm fabrics for domestic situations including stunning silks, striking faux suedes and linens.
  • Excellence offers cooler, contemporary fabric ranges with cutting edge designs.
  • Also available are flame-retardant fabrics in a huge variety of colours for commercial use.