Lutron CERUS Roman Blinds

Lutron roman blinds are fully customisable, they are available in a range of soft fabrics and woven woods. Lutron’s customer are also given the option to use their own material for a custom installation.

Lutron roman blinds are incredibly safe, Cerus band safety technology eliminates cords and has a level of operation that is close to silent, Lutron roman blinds operate at less than 44dBA within 3ft (1 m).

Lutron roman blinds feature four different retraction styles, enabling the user to choose between a formal or casual

Lutron CERUS Roman Blinds

Lutron roman blinds with CERUS safety technology are one of the bestselling products within the Lutron range. Not only are they a great solution for controlling natural light within a specific area but they are incredibly safe for those who have small children.

Lutron have revolutionised the design of roman blinds by introducing CERUS (Cord-Eliminating Roman Uptake System) safety technology. CERUS replaces the cords on traditional roman blinds with sheer uptake bands. This innovative design by Lutron creates a safe blind by eliminating the exposed inner cords which pose a strangulation hazard to children.

We have installed Lutron CERUS roman blinds in lots of residential properties throughout the UK. One of the primary reason for this is due to many parents concerns about their children’s safety around traditional roman blinds. Safety isn’t the only reason this product is a top seller amongst Lutron’s range. Lutron CERUS roman blinds are one of the most effective solutions for filtering and controlling the amount of natural light that enters the room. They are available in a variety of soft fabrics and woven woods although clients do have the option to use their own materials for custom installations.

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