Lutron Curtain Track Systems

Lutron curtain track systems operate at less than 44dBA within 3ft (1 m) a level that is close to silent. Lutron provide convenient control of all their curtain track systems with wall-mounted keypads and remote controls.

Lutron curtain track systems have a maximum track length of up to 30 ft (9144 mm) with either straight, single or multi-bend curved tracks.

Lutron curtain tracks operate pinch pleat or ripplefold curtains. Whether the customer wants lightweight sheers or heavy velvet curtains, Lutron will provide a full range of solutions.

Lutron offer a vast range of curtain track systems to suit any need or application.

Lutron Curtain Track Systems

Lutron curtain track systems are the most effective product available for resolving problems related to large windows or windows that are in difficult to reach places. They are great at controlling the natural light within any space. We have installed them in residential and commercial properties across the country and in our experience there isn’t a better or more accessible solution on the market today for large curtains and windows, or windows that are out of reach.

Lutron have a curtain track system to suit almost any application or requirements the customer may have. Lutron offer singe, dual, curved, single-tandem curtain track systems in three different drive options, each with different weight capacities. We have a curtain track system that is compatible with windows and applications of all sizes as well as being purposely designed to control fabrics of any length or weight.

We have installed a great number of Lutron curtain track systems in a number of different properties. We install a great number of straight track systems with a D105 Drive in audio visual rooms and theatres as they are purposely designed to span across large applications. The tracks themselves can be up to 18ft in length and this can be expanded to 30ft using a splice, they can also carry curtains up to 79.4kg which is perfect for the heavy blackout velvet curtains typically used in theatres and audio visual rooms.

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