Lutron Roller Blinds


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Lutron roller blinds have a near-silent level of operation, they operate at less than 44dBA within 3 ft. alongside complete control over daylight and privacy using Lutron’s integrated electronic drive unit.

When purchasing a product from Lutron’s range of roller blinds, customers are given a choice of finishing fabrics in order to generate the perfect amount of light for any space or activity. These include: sheer, dim-out and blackout fabrics.

Lutron’s brilliant, low-voltage system features an intelligent hembar alignment, providing smooth, uniform movement and consistent bottom bar alignment across multiple roller blinds. Built it independent control will adjust the height of the blinds allowing for a greater access to windows without affecting the tilt.

Lutron Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the flagship product within Lutron’s range. They create the perfect amount of light for any conceivable space with an offering of sheer, dim out and blackout fabrics. We have installed them in a number of residential, contract and commercial properties throughout the country.

Lutron have a roller blind system and a sheer to meet almost any requirement the customer may have. We offer roller blind systems that are compatible with single or coupled windows of all shapes and sizes as well as being purposely designed to control fabrics of any length or weight for small and large applications.

Once the customer has chosen the system that best suits their needs they must then determine what sheer best fits their requirements. We have installed the Lutron roller 20 roller blinds system in a number of homes and businesses, our customers often choose a standard sheer or dim out fabric to allow an efficient amount of light to enter the space without being overwhelmed.

We have installed a various amount of Lutron 150 roller blinds system in hospital wards as they are purposely designed for coupling of over six fabric panels, making them ideal for coupled or single windows that span a great length. In this case the majority of our customers chose a blackout fabric as they didn’t want any light entering the space whilst the blinds were down.

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