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Lutron Venetian Blinds

Lutron Venetian Blinds

Through innovative technology, Lutron have made it possible to control the tilt and lift position of multiple venetian blinds individually. Lutron’s Tilt Alignment technology updates the typical venetian blind to retain the full lighting control traditionally available with modern functionality.

We offer Lutron Venetian blinds in a wide selection of finishes, ranging from metal and wood, to customised, decorative varieties. Fitted with the valance headrail system, all Lutron venetian blinds come with the option of 4 different profile styles.


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Hi Lynne, my 1011 track arrived yesterday and was simple to install. Thank you.

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Just a quick email to say thanks for the help you gave me choosing the corrcect product.

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Lutron Venetian Blinds

Lutron venetian blinds are an attractive and extremely effective way to ensure privacy whilst still allowing a controlled amount of daylight to filter through and brighten up the space. We have installed them in a great number of homes and retail outlets throughout the country and in our experience there is no better solution for light filtration whilst maintaining privacy.

Lutron’s venetian blinds offer independent control of lift and tilt which maintains uniform tilt and lift positions across multiple blinds. Independent control adjusts the height of the blinds giving the client access to the window without affecting the tilt. Tilt position between adjacent blinds will remain within 1/16th of an inch. Lutron venetian blinds also feature Intelligent Hembar Alignment™, which maintains hembar position to within 1/8th of an inch at all time, this is a trademark of all Lutron systems.

All Lutron venetian blinds are equipped with a valance headrail system, the customer will have a choice between 4 valance headrail systems, which are all different in style but not functionality. The customer also has a choice to make regarding the finish options. Lutron offers a wide variety of natural hardwood slats and brushed aluminium slats alongside optional decorative tapes.

We have installed Lutron venetian blinds in many homes and stores. They are particularly effective for coupled or large windows where the user want to maintain uniformity across multiple blinds.