Lutron Roller 200

Designed for large or coupled windows




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The Lutron Roller 200 is able to create curtain walls of up to 6 separate blind panels which can then be driven by a single motor.

Made for residential and commercial properties that feature large or coupled windows, the Lutron Roller 200 includes ceiling, wall and jamb mount options as well as three innovative installation solutions. These include the Angled Coupler for curved facade applications, the in-line coupler which can operate multiple fabric panels and the Width Integrated Deflection Reduction tube which effectively minimises deflection in wide windows of standard height.

As with all Lutron Roller Blinds, the Roller 200 operates at extremely silent levels (less than 38 dBA) which means that its operation remains silent, regardless of the work-load.

Lutron gives its customers a choice of three options regarding the mounting of the roller 200CW profile using their two-piece bracket designs. These are ceiling, wall and jamb mount. The bracket-to-bracket width must be a minimum of 24 in. (609.6 mm) and a maximum of 15 ft (4.5 m) although larger blinds may be available based on fabric selection.

In-line Coupler which is a one blind drive that operates multiple fabric panels, this creates an extremely cost-effective solution without sacrificing automation or daylight harvesting.

The WIDR (Width Integrated Deflection Reduction) tube option features an enhanced design with a larger and stronger cross-section. This improves blind aesthetics by minimising deflection in wide windows of average height.

All of the roller blinds Lutron offer have a near-silent level of operation, this is something Lutron pride themselves on. The roller 200CW operates at less than 38 dBA at 3ft (914 mm) meaning you’re never likely to ever hear them when operating.


Lutron roller 200CW roller blinds have three innovative installation options that allow for easy and convenient use, these include: the Angled Coupler from Lutron which economically addresses curved facades, it removes the need for multiple blind drives in angled applications. There are two models of one size fits all angles, which are: 0°- 15° which creates smaller light gaps and 0°- 45° which offers a wider range of installation angles. This coupler removes the need for multiple blind drives in angled applications – resulting in significant cost reductions.


  • Tube size: 2.56 in. (65 mm) diameter
  • Pocket size: 4.75 in. w x 5 in. h (120.65 mm x 127 mm)
  • Typical maximum size of fabric: 100 ft2 (9.3 m2) although larger blinds may be available based on fabric selection.