Silent Gliss 1003M

Bay window curtain pole

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Suitable for light curtains or nets, the Silent Gliss Metropole 1003 is designed for tricky installations in spaces like bay-windows. Built for easy attachment to ceilings or walls, the 1003 can be bent to fit difficult surfaces without losing integrity or functionality.

Like all curtain poles sold by Silent Gliss, the Metropole 1003 can also be combined with a variety of different midials and finials which should help create a unique, eye-catching appearance for your window treatment.

There are five finishes to choose from: black, chrome, gunmetal, silver and white. In addition, colour customisation is available according to the RAL and BS colour charts. This further ensures that the 1003 will seamlessly integrate with any kind of design or colour scheme.


Silent Gliss 1003 is simple to install providing you have some basic DIY skills.