Silent Gliss 5300

Versatile & heavy weight curtain track


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We have installed the Silent Gliss 5300 electric curtain tracks in a number of commercial properties throughout the UK. These include offices, hotels, theatres, schools and conference or AV rooms.

Silent Gliss 5300 is a great blinding solution for all types of commercial property. Its primary benefit is that it can be combined with radio remote control system Silent Gliss 9940/0450, meaning you’ll never have to manually adjust your blinds again. It can be combined with a number of other features which allow for easy and convenient use. These include a light sensor, allowing the system to operate by sensing light levels. There’s also a timer / infra-red facility, allowing the user to control the system with a timer switch.

The 5300 electric curtain tracks can be personalised in a number of ways. Multiple motors can be individually or simultaneously controlled allowing the user to choose between single or multiple operation. The motor will remain hidden behind the curtain or it can be positioned above the profile in a hollow ceiling. The profile itself is generally ceiling fixed however we do also have wall fix brackets available.

Special Features

  • High standards of performance and versatility
  • For medium-heavy to heavy commercial and professional use
  • Multiple motors can be individually and/or simultaneously controlled with cost effective and simple low voltage wiring (no relays). Can be single or multiple operation (almost infinite number)
  • Smooth, silent operation with roller gliders
  • Built in thermal overload protection
  • Versatile bending possibilities even for such a heavy-duty electric track, thanks to the unique cylinder belt giving strength with reduced friction
  • Neat flat profile. Motor remains hidden behind curtain or can be positioned above profile in hollow ceiling. Profile preferably ceiling fixed but wall-fix brackets available
  • Multiple and asymmetrical stacking – the most flexible of all electric tracks thanks to 3-channel profile
  • Profile available in silver and white as standard
  • Speed of travel 30cm per second
  • 0900 timer option available
  • Can be combined with Radio Remote Control System Silent Gliss 9940/0450


The Silent Gliss 5300 electric curtain tracks can be installed on either a wooden or concrete fitting surface. All of our electric curtain tracks can be custom coloured to any RAL or BS colour and have extremely versatile bending possibilities, meaning the customer can have them installed in just about any fixed position they choose. Our customers also have a choice of multiple and asymmetrical stacking of the curtains.

Custom Colours

We can custom colour your chosen Silent Gliss Electric Curtain Tracks to any RAL or BS colour.