Silent Gliss 6021

Wave and WaveXL Curtain Heading Track

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Intended for environments where safety is paramount such as hospitals and schools, the Silent Gliss 6021 Safety Curtain Track offers sturdy and reliable functionality which also allows for peace of mind during use.

One of its main features is the detachable safety glider system which causes the gliders to separate from the track if a weight of 4-6kg is applied. The same occurs if a slightly greater weight of 10kg is applied towards the far-ends or the rails.

This safe and secure hand-drawn curtain track, which has been extensively tested, is designed to be fixed easily to walls and is suitable for concrete as well as wood surfaces.

Although it comes in white, custom colour options are also available on request.


Installation is very simple and requires no specialist labour.

Custom Colours

We can custom colour your chosen Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks to any RAL or BS colour.