Silent Gliss 6120M

Corded curtain pole for bay windows


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The 30mm Silent Gliss 6120M Metropole is a corded curtain pole which has been designed primarily for bay window installation. The flexible but robust design means it can be bent to a small radius so that it can be fitted to a variety of surfaces but without compromising functionality.

The 6120M can also be combined with the Silent Gliss Wave Standard or Wave XL Curtain Heading systems which enhance the look of window treatments by adding a ripple or wave effect.

With over 13 different colours to choose from including beech, chrome and mahogany, together with numerous stylish midials and finials, the Silent Gliss 6120M can be seamlessly integrated into any space, regardless of any existing decorative theme.


Made to measure and ready assembled the Silent Gliss 6120M requires no specialist labour and is easy to install if you have basic DIY skills.

Custom Colours

We can custom colour your chosen Curtain Poles to any RAL or BS colour.