Silent Gliss 6290

Suitable for Light to Medium-weight Curtains


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The Silent Gliss 6290 safety curtain track is hand-drawn and suitable for light to medium-weight curtains. Because it’s not pre-drilled the 6290 provides a discreet, aesthetically pleasing option for light and privacy adjustment that is well-suited for use in schools, hospitals and hotels.

Designed for wall attachment, the Silent Gliss 6290 features unique gliders which separate from the profile after a weight of 4-6kg is applied. A blue glider is also supplied for the leading edge of the curtain so that separation can occur at greater weights of between 8-10kg.

Other features include blue and yellow gliders for easier identification and custom colour options. The 6290 can be fitted to concrete and wood and requires only basic DIY skills for installation.

Custom Colours

We can custom colour your chosen Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks to any RAL or BS colour.