Silent Gliss 6840

Hand Operated Curtain Track System


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  • Hand drawn track
  • Standard accessories: 3825 Clamp (35mm), 3841 Profile, 3842 End cover, 6065 Twist eye endstop, 11301 2C glider on strip (x20)
  • Wave standard components: 11303 Wave 2C Glider Cord 60mm, 11302 Wave 2C Glider Cord 80mm, 6007 End stop, 6315 Pilot runner
  • Oval shape
  • For straight and bending applications
  • Can be fitted on ceiling and wall
  • 2C glider technology
  • Wave compatible
  • Colours: White (standard), matt white, silver anodised, anodic grey, charcoal and antique bronze