Silent Gliss Electric Curtain Tracks


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Silent Gliss electric curtain tracks are extremely effective in solving issues related to large and difficult to reach windows. We have installed them in properties across the country and in our experience they are the best solution available for large curtains and windows, or ones which are located in areas which are hard to reach.

They are suitable for all types of property, whether it is a commercial space or a private residence. We have successfully completed installations in every type of property conceivable. Silent Gliss electric curtain tracks can be operated independently, as a set or integrated into the management scheme of the property.

One of the added bonuses of Silent Gliss electric curtain tracks is that there is a vast range of options to choose from based on the individual’s preferences or requirements regarding how they operate. These include fixed switch, remote control or a combination of both options, they can also be operated using light sensors. We also provide double curtain tracks which allow you to hang two sets of curtains.

Whether you are looking to install Silent Gliss electric curtain tracks into your office, workspace or home. The team here at Blindtrack are able to supply you with whatever product you may require. We will have it installed promptly and efficiently at a time that best suits you.

Silent Gliss Electric Curtain Tracks

Why Choose Electric Curtain Tracks?

  • Electrical operation will play a key role in technology moving forward as it ensures the most convenient and practical functionality, even with the heaviest and largest curtains available.
  • Electrically operated curtain tracks are the perfect solution for curtains that are in very high windows or curtains that are extremely difficult to reach and are fundamental for audio visual, stage and conference rooms.
  • Silent Gliss has over 40 years’ worth of knowledge and experience working with electrical curtain tracks.
  • We provide practical solutions for single tracks and multiple tracks and are able to integrate them into the management scheme of the property.

The Range

Silent Gliss provide the broadest collection of electric curtain tracks anywhere in the world, which range from; medium duty domestic to heavy stage curtain tracks which are manufactured to support up to 50kg of fabric over a 60m span. The 5090 Autoglide domestic range can open and close curtains using a light sensor, remote control, by pre-programmed settings that include dawn and dusk, timer select or by using a combination of all three. Three medium to heavy applications, one with a twin channel for infinite overlap and another which can be operated both electrically and manually for communal areas, in addition to a heavy duty system and exceptionally heavy duty stage curtain track.

Special Features

All Silent Gliss electric curtain tracks can be integrated into the management scheme of the property and a BUS system is offered. There are a number of different fixing options available that include: wall, ceiling and recess. All of our electric curtain tracks have a non-stretch belt operation system except for our stage track which has is operated using a steel core rope. The vast majority of tracks are intentionally bent by design. All of the electric curtain tracks we provide are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and extremely discreet. They are manufactured using aluminium and the highest quality plastic available, so efficiency and durability are guaranteed.

Operating Methods

Silent Gliss electric curtain tracks can be operated using a fixed switch, radio remote control or a combination of both. There is a vast range of options available for multiple switching synchronously, independently or in formation. The curtain tracks cover a number of arrangement possibilities which include single, pair, multiple pairs and asymmetric.

Our Fabrics

Another added bonus is that you are able to choose from almost any soft furnishing fabric available globally for your electric curtain tracks. Silent Gliss themselves offer an incredible range of fabrics, which we are able to manufacture based on your requirements. We have a vast selection or luxurious fabrics available for domestic use that include: silks, faux suedes and linens. Excellence offer a more fashionable and modern fabric range, which is at the forefront of design. We also offer flame retardant fabrics in a vast array of colours for commercial use.

For wiring diagrams and measuring sheets please call us or send us a message