Blackout Blinds


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Blackout Blinds

The blackout blinds from Silent Gliss which Blindtrack have installed across the UK – mostly in non-residential environments – have always proved popular. We’ve been supplying these to those in need of darkness for years and the Silent Gliss range really do a thorough job of excluding the light. Whether you are seeking to darken a room in an office so people can clearly see your projected presentation or whether you’re just trying to get a good night’s sleep, the installation of blackout blinds is a sensible choice.

Blackout Blinds

Silent Gliss blackout blinds are an ideal solution for offices, schools, laboratories, private homes – wherever maximum light exclusion is needed.

The Silent Gliss range of blackout blinds compromise vertical, horizontal, sloping and multiple systems to meet exact requirements. By combining high functionality and reliability we are able to offer discreet systems in proportion to the window’s dimensions.

All blackout fabrics are sealed and riveted and most fabrics are flame retardant.

Why Choose Blackout Blinds?

  • Silent Gliss blackout blinds are suitable for domestic or commercial use.
  • In commercial situations they are primarily used for functional reasons where room darkening is a requirement such as conference rooms, audio visual, medical (X – rays etc.), and also for hotel bedrooms.
  • In domestic situations they are used primarily in bedrooms where light ingress and light pollution are a problem.
  • Can also be used as fly screens.

The Range

A choice of seven blackout blinds to suit your exact requirements. Four vertically mounted single blackout covering from 140cm wide by 140cm drop up to 270cm wide by 300cm drop. Spring, chain, crank and electric blackout blinds. All of which can be fitted in sloping situations up to 30 degrees. A multiple system permitting up to four separate systems to be operated by one control. 2 systems for horizontal mounting or for steeper slopes. Choice of cassette boxes 45/55/73cm.

Operating Methods

Spring, crank, chain and electric operated blackout blinds. Electric operation offers a wide range of operating methods including fixed switch and remote control. Blackout blinds may be operated individually, simultaneously or in groups.

Special Features

All fabrics are sealed and riveted down the sides to prevent the fabric from coming out of the side rails. Numerous fixing possibilities with special brackets and components. A choice of side profiles for inside or outside recess and heavy duty profile for large windows with air movement risk to prevent the riveted fabric pulling out. Side profiles are adjustable to allow for variations in the width of the window framework. Welded reinforcing strips supplied for large areas.

Our Fabrics

A choice of flame retardant fabrics including a pvc – free environmentally – friendly range. Weldable for large blinds. Fly screens also available.

For wiring diagrams and measuring sheets please call us or send us a message