Lutron Cable Guided Blinds

Lutron cable guided blinds are used to achieve precise blinding of angled applications by ensuring that the blind itself runs completely parallel with the window.

This system is also incredibly useful in areas where the wind is strong in order to prevent unwanted movement of the blinds themselves.

Lutron cable guided blinds are categorized as an option for traditional roller blinds, the angle of the window can be chosen prior to installation to ensure it is a perfect fit.

Lutron Cable Guided Blinds

The primary function of Lutron cable guided blinds is to accomplish precise control of shading in angled windows and other applications by ensuring the cable guided blinds run completely parallel with the window itself. They allow for positive and negative angles of up to 20° and this can be selected during mounting options.

Lutron’s innovative design keeps the fabric panels tense and aligned with the windows with the minimum amount of sag at a number of slopes, this is achieved through the addition of a weighted architectural or oval styled bottom bar. Lutron’s guided cable blinds system are extremely effective in areas of high tempo air flow, this is to avoid unwanted movement of the shade.

We have installed Lutron cable guided blinds in a large number of residential and commercial properties throughout the country. They are the best solution on the market when it comes to controlling natural light within angled applications, this also makes them one of the bestselling products within Lutron’s range.

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