Whether you’re looking to control lighting for a specific room or your entire home, Lutron products give you the unlimited freedom to change the ambience with a simple touch control.

Blindtrack have installed Lutron electric curtain tracks and automated shade technology in properties across the country. In our experience they a great solution for controlling light within any space. Lutron manufacture wired and wireless systems to regulate artificial and natural light.

There are a number of major benefits to owning a Lutron lighting control system over its competitors, these are:

Saving Energy and Money – All of the Lutron Dimmer systems on offer are purposely designed to save energy and money.
Productivity – Lutron lighting control systems and automated shades increase comfort and enhance satisfaction therefore improving productivity.
Light Sources – Lutron has an innovative solution for any issue regarding electronic and natural light. They offer products that dim all light sources and are tailored to any requirement, providing the customer the flexibility to choose the light source they prefer.
Technology – Lutron products can be operated at the switch of a button or can be operated remotely from a mobile phone, PDA, laptop, iPod or universal remote control.

Here at Blindtrack we offer a wide range of Lutron products to suit any requirement or application.