Panel Blinds


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Panel Blinds

Our wide selection of Silent Gliss panel blinds have a minimalist quality and they are popular because they can come in virtually any colour or size you’d like. This pared-back look makes them a calming addition to any window space and Blindtrack have been the sole suppliers of them on large projects throughout the UK. In terms of installation they are straightforward to deal with and our team has successfully installed them under severe time constraints in the past.

Panel Blinds

Silent Gliss panel blinds epitomise aesthetic and individual window and room decoration. Inspired by the east – colours, patterns, fabrics from sheers to opaque – anything is possible.

Fabric effects are stunning but Silent Gliss has even more to offer: the unique Panel Fold combines the beauty of panels with a striking 3D effect when folded.

Alternatively, the Panel Glide system uses flat panels to elegantly shade the room or provide a creative solution to a room divider.

Exceptional elegance is the main characteristic of these window decorations. Whether the intention is a pure design statement, a decorative and efficient shading measure or both. Silent Gliss offers a made to measure solution on highest quality and design levels.

A wide range of fabrics is available from the Silent Gliss collections for both domestic or commercial environments.

Why choose Panel Blinds?

  • A unique dimension to window treatments, perfect for today’s extensive glazed areas.
  • Choose between flat and folding panels (Panel Glide and Panel Fold).
  • Use plain or strikingly designed fabrics, the flat panels show designs at their best.
  • The simple, clean architectural look of a sliding panel can also be made warm and inviting by the choice of fabrics.
  • Panels are easy and economical to remove and replace.
  • Since the systems look as attractive from the back as from the front, they can be used also as visual room dividers, (ceiling fixing recommended).
  • Superb as a floor to ceiling window treatment. Suitable for domestic and contract applications.

The Range

Panel blinds are available as 2 distinct systems. Straight runs only. White top profile is standard although other colours may be supplied to special order.

Panel Glide – The fabric remains flat and panels stack behind each other to permit visibility outside. The system is individually built up from a selection of 2, 3, 4 and 5 channel profiles, depending on your requirements. Normally one channel is required for each panel on single stack systems, one channel for two panels on pair stack systems. Each panel picks up the next at the end of travel to fully open or close all of the panels. A 15cm overlap is usually allowed to prevent panels snagging.

Panel Fold – As its name implies, the panels fold neatly in half to permit visibility outside, leaving a unique shadow fold down the centre.

Operating Methods

Panel Glide – Select from hand operated (panels unconnected), hand operated (panels connected), cord or electric operation – fixed switch or remote control.

Panel Fold – Available as a chain or electrically operated system. Fabrics attach to bonded Velcro aluminium carriers running on nylon gliders in the aluminium channels. Maintenance free.


Panel Glide
Choose from a wide range of Silent Gliss supplied fabrics:

Signé 2 – warm plains and semi plains. Colorama – our own flame retardant Trevira CS panels in almost 50 colours, opaque or translucent. Cutting edge designs from Excellence. Screen and technical fabrics from our commercial collection. Alternatively you can supply the fabric of your own choice.

Panel Fold
A superb range of plain and patterned fabrics is available, opaque or translucent.

For wiring diagrams and measuring sheets please call us or send us a message